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Are there age restrictions for using Qoctor?
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Most of the services provided by Qoctor are intended for individuals aged 18 and over. However there are some services available to children/under 18s. The availability of services is as follows:


  • Medical Certificates: aged 18 and above
  • Carer's Certificates: the carer (person requesting the certificate) should be aged 18 or above, but can be caring for a family member/close household contact of any age.
  • Prescriptions: most of the prescription services offered by Qoctor are for patients aged 18 and above. However if a parent/guardian has booked a video consult to obtain an anaphylaxis action plan for their child, they may also request a renewed prescription for an Epipen, subject to doctor's assessment.
  • Specialist referral letters: Qoctor can provide repeat referral letters for patients under the age of 18, provided that their parent/guardian has created an account in the patients name and is present for the consultation.
  • Action Plans: We can provide Action Plans to children of any age, without the need to create a new account for the child - these are placed through the parent's account. 
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