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Can I get a PBS prescription from Qoctor?
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Yes, for many medications, Qoctor can provide PBS prescriptions - just as with your regular GP can.


PBS stands for "Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme".


Under the PBS, the Australian government subsidises the cost of medicine for most common medical conditions.


However, at the moment, Qoctor is unable to offer “authority” or “stream-lined authority” prescriptions. If your medication falls into these particular categories (this can apply to some asthma preventer inhalers and a few other common medications), we may still be able to offer you a private prescription, if you wish to proceed. 


Who is eligible for PBS prescriptions?


The scheme is available to all Australian residents who hold a current Medicare card. Overseas visitors from countries with which Australia has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement  (RHCA) are also eligible for the PBS- this includes United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Malta, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Belgium and Slovenia. Residents of these countries must show their passports when lodging a prescription, or they can contact Services Australia and get a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement Card to prove their eligibility. 


Each time you present your script to the pharmacist, you may be asked to provide your Medicare card. Eligible veterans may need to present their DVA card in addition to their Medicare card. With your consent, the pharmacist may keep a record of your Medicare number so that you do not have to produce your card every time you present a script.


Which common medications are not available on the PBS?


Certain medications are not available on the PBS. This includes some of the more expensive contraceptive pills, treatments for erectile dysfunction, and other medications where particular medical criteria are not met (the doctor may need to ask some questions to check). Also, PBS only allows for certain quantities of particular medications to be prescribed at a time. Your pharmacist or doctor can advise you further on any issues relating to PBS prescriptions. 


How can I find out more about the PBS?


For more information on PBS prescriptions, go to the PBS website here

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