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Can Qoctor provide an authority script?
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At this time Qoctor IS able to provide an authority script! 


What is a PBS authority prescription?

Certain PBS medications require prior approval or "authority" from Medicare before a doctor is able to prescribe them on the PBS. The PBS or "Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme" is an Australian government program which subsidises the cost of many medications, making treatment of medical conditions more affordable.


Can I just get a private prescription from Qoctor instead of a PBS authority prescription?

Yes, it is still usually possible for our doctors to offer a private prescription (non PBS) instead of an authority prescription (subject to usual medical assessment) - it is important to note that a private prescription may just cost a bit more than what you'd normally pay at the pharmacy for an authority prescription. You may wish to check this price difference with your pharmacy- in some cases a private prescription is actually not that much more expensive than a PBS prescription, while for other medications the difference can be more significant.


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