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Do I need to speak to a doctor to get my prescription online?
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Getting a prescription with Qoctor will usually involve a brief video consultation with a doctor.


3 steps in getting your prescription:


  • (1) Online assessment: first, complete some online health related questions- the online assessment covers many of the usual questions that a doctor would ask you in person, and allows us to make our service more efficient and safe. 
  • (2) Choose a delivery option: most people opt for the "pharmacy concierge service", which means we can send the script immediately to your nominated pharmacy. Alternatively you can choose to have a paper prescription posted to you (allow for delays with Australia Post during COVID-19 pandemic). For certain medication, there is also a home delivery option. 
  • (3) Video consultation: In most cases you will need a brief video consultation with one of our doctors, which you can schedule at a time that suits. This is for safety reasons, and to ensure the medication is right for you. Following the video consultation, the prescription can be sent directly to your local pharmacist (if you have opted for our pharmacy concierge service mentioned above).


Is a video consultation always needed?


In specific situations a video consultation may NOT be needed, subject to specific criteria. This applies to a limited number of conditions/treatments, such as the contraceptive pill, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, and is at the discretion of the doctor and information you've provided in your online assessment. Also, for certain sexual health issues, such as managing chlamydia, genital herpes, a phone call may be offered as an alternative to a video consultation.  


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