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How much does a medical certificate cost with Qoctor?
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The consultation fee for a medical or carer's certificate with Qoctor is $25.99 – there are no hidden extras. 


At this point in time, Qoctor is a fully private online GP service, which means that we can not offer a Medicare rebate for your telehealth appointments.


The reason we cannot offer a Medicare rebate relates to government regulations around telehealth which were introduced in 2020 - these stipulate that a patient must have seen that doctor face to face in the past 12 months in order to be eligible for a telehealth rebate. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, it is not possible for fully online providers such as Qoctor to meet this requirement, as our patients are spread right across Australia, and cannot be expected to visit us in person.


However, to overcome this challenge, we are committed to keep our prices as low as possible, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.


We still recommend you provide your Medicare details, particularly if you are getting a prescription- this may save you money when you get your Qoctor prescription dispensed at the chemist (this applies to medications available on the PBS).

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