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Can I get a medical certificate changed or amended?
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Sometimes a patient may discover they need to have the details on their medical certificate changed or amended slightly. Any change to a medical certificate must be discussed with the doctor with whom you consulted. To request a change to your medical certificate, you can submit a ticket explaining the changes you need. Alternatively you can use our live chat to speak to our customer service team directly - this is available via the Qoctor home page during working hours (830am to 9pm Monday to Saturday, and 9am to 5pm on Sunday).


Include the following details in your email/message:

  • patient name
  • date of your consultation
  • quote your order number if possible
  • the changes or amendments you wish to request


What happens next?

  • our customer service team member will refer the request to the doctor 
  • you may need to wait some time, occasionally until the next working day for the doctor to review this request
  • if the doctor is willing to amend the certificate, you will then be advised by customer service to re-download the updated version
  • However, if the doctor declines to amend the certificate, please note our customer service team cannot overrule the doctor's decision. In this case you may be advised you book a new consultation and speak to a doctor about your additional request/new information.


What amendments can a doctor make to my medical certificate?

  • In some situations, a doctor may be willing to change the dates of your medical certificate/sick leave, if you request this adjustment immediately after your consultation. However, once a few hours have passed, it is likely you would be requested to book in for a new consultation if you need to have your sick leave extended.
  • Occasionally a patient may have forgotten to request a specific comment to be made on the certificate (for example, aviation workers may need it stipulated that they have a viral URTI or food industry workers may need it stipulated that they have gastroenteritis). It may be possible to add this IF the issue was discussed with the doctor at the time of the consultation. If the request is not consistent with the health issues discussed in the original video consultation, it is likely you would be requested to book in for a new video consultation with a doctor.


When might a doctor decline to make changes to my medical certificate?


In certain circumstances the doctor may decline to make changes you request. Reasons may include:

  • too much time has passed since your original appointment
  • additional days are being requested, which suggests you have ongoing illness and thus there is a need for medical review, for safety reasons.
  • the amount of time off is excessive for the illness discussed in the original consultation
  • the changes requested are unusual or were not discussed with the doctor during the original appointment.


How can I redownload my updated medical certificate?

Once the customer service team confirms the doctor has made the amendment to your certificate, simply log in and enter your Qoctor profile page, and click the download option. Any changes or amendments added by the doctor should now be visible on the document. 


What if the certificate does not update with the changes as expected?

For general/customer service queries, use the live chat during business hours via the Qoctor home page (830am-9pm Monday to Saturday and 9am to 5pm on Sundays), or submit a ticket above.


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