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Will my employer accept my certificate?
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Yes - all of our certificates are provided after an online consultation with an AHPRA registered doctor based in Australia. Our certificates are valid legal documents, just the same as a medical certificate you might get from a local clinic, and meet the appropriate legal requirements. Having provided thousands of certificates to people in multiple industries and workplaces, we have rarely encountered any problems - most employers are well accustomed to their staff using telehealth, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic.


Online health services are commonplace in the United Kingdom and America and relatively new to Australia. Your employer may want to know more about us and our services. If they do have concerns or queries, they can use the ‘contact us’ section or live chat on the bottom right of the home page - we’ll be more happy to help.


There is also more information about Qoctor for employers here


Of course doctor-patient confidentiality is paramount - we’ll never share any of your personal information or health details with an employer or any third parties without your express permission.


Employers can also use the medical certificate "validity checker" - this is a way for them to verify that your certificate is genuine. We do not release any medical information, we just confirm whether or not the certificate is legitimate.

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