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Can Qoctor provide a work clearance certificate or fit to work certificate?
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In the vast majority of situations where an employee requires sick leave, a medical certificate for the period in question is adequate.

However, occasionally some employers may request a "medical clearance"- whilst this is not a mandatory requirement, it is sometimes seen as "good practice" - for example if someone is returning to work following a work related injury, and the employer is aiming to ensure a safe return to the workplace.

Given the need for a detailed assessment, with regard to a person's specific limitations and duties prior to a safe return to work, it is best for an employee to see their regular doctor if a medical clearance is requested. Seeing a regular doctor also allows for monitoring of an employee's duties or hours as they return to work from illness/injury, as quite often, a return to work plan will need ongoing review and adjustment.

For these reasons, Qoctor does not offer medical clearances or fitness to return work certificates. Instead, we advise you make an appointment to see your regular GP, or find a local GP if you do not already have one.

To find a GP near you, try searching in your area/ suburb via Healthshare. Alternatively, ask local friends or family, or enquire via a local pharmacist or other healthcare professional, as they'll often know which local practices are popular and/or have availability.

More information on medical clearance and return to work is available on the Worksafe website

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