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How do I order my repeat prescription/medication?
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For a certain conditions (including the contraceptive pill, treatment for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and hair loss), there may be some repeats available to you via your Qoctor account.

To access these, log in and select ‘My profile then select ‘my prescriptions & repeats’. You may then see an option to order your desired repeat, if available.

There is no additional doctor fee to access this repeat, however there will be a small fee to cover postage.

Once payment has been completed the prescription/medication will be sent by Australia Post.

The price of medication may vary from time to time, subject to market forces which Qoctor can’t control- but we’ll always be competitive.

Please note that if you got your original prescription posted to you, or to a local pharmacy for a condition not listed above, the repeats WILL NOT be available via your Qoctor account - instead they’ll be included on the original prescription that we sent you/your pharmacy, so check your prescription/ask your pharmacist if you’re not sure. 

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