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Can Qoctor provide prescriptions for compound medications?
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At this time Qoctor does not provide prescriptions for compounded medications.

We suggest contacting your local GP for assistance.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our customer service team on live chat via the Qoctor home page (live chat is available during business hours, outside these hours you can leave a message and we'll get back to you).


So, what are compounded medications?


Compounded medicines are bespoke medications made up by a compounding pharmacist, from various ingredients.

The prescription will state the individual ingredients and strengths required. 


Compounded medicines may offer additional treatment options for people who need a drug in a dose or form that differs from the standard, commercially available products. A compounded medication may be advised by a doctor if:


  • the product you need doesn't exist or is not available in a ready-made format.
  • you require a strength or dose that is not available
  • you have allergies to ingredients in similar commercially available product.


In Australia, commonly compounded medications include hormone replacement therapy (HRT), skin treatments and certain paediatric medicines (omeprazole for babies with reflux is one of the most common requests). Sometimes medicines may also be compounded for IVF and pain conditions. Not all pharmacies offer a compounding service, but they will usually be able to direct you to your nearest pharmacy that can do so.



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