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How can I reduce my pollen exposure?
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At peak times it can be hard to avoid pollen, but here are a few sensible tips:


  • If possible, try to stay indoors until after midday, particularly when the pollen count is high and on windy days
  • Stay indoors during and just after thunderstorms, particularly if pollen counts are high. Information about pollen counts is available at
  • If possible, get someone else to mow your lawn (if you must do it, wear a mask and take an antihistamine beforehand) and stay inside if it’s being mown.
  • Keep windows closed both at home and in the car (use recirculating air conditioning in your car if you have it)
  • Wear sunglasses when outdoors
  • If landscaping your garden select plants that are less likely to trigger hayfever, and make sure none of the more troublesome types are growing near your bedroom window!
  • Shower when you get home/after being outdoors
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