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What is the best type of hay fever medication?
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  • There is no single most effective type of hay fever medication – it varies from person to person.
  • Some people find a once daily antihistamine tablet controls symptoms very well.
  • However, quite often, drowsiness can be a problem with antihistamines, even the supposedly “non-drowsy” ones.
  • Other types of hay fever medication such as steroid nasal sprays can be very helpful for an itchy and runny nose- these take a few weeks of regular use to build up their effect, so it’s important to persist.
  • Combination nasal sprays may contain a fast-acting antihistamine and a slower-acting steroid. Even though they may be more pricey than other nasal sprays, the dual action makes it a very popular choice among patients.
  • Antihistamine eye drops can effectively target the irritated itchy eyes of hay fever
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