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What is the best treatment for cold sores?
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• Usually no particular medication for cold sores is recommended- they naturally get better over 7-10 days.
• There is some general advice when you have active cold sores, such as avoid touching the cold sores; wash hands regularly especially after applying creams or before putting in your contact lenses; and don’t share lip balm or sunscreen.
• Over the counter painkillers like Panadol and Nurofen, or topical anaesthetic gels (e.g Lidocaine) may be helpful for pain/discomfort.
• Antiviral Creams can be bought at your pharmacy- these do not kill the virus but prevent it from multiplying which may reduce symptoms a little.
• Oral antiviral medication may reduce the severity of symptoms. This approach may be appropriate if you have severe or frequent cold sores, or a weakened immune system for some reason.

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