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Does Qoctor do prescriptions for COPD?
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Yes. Qoctor can provide COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) treatment online, if you have previously been diagnosed with COPD, and are already using an inhaler (puffer) to manage your condition.


First, you’ll need to have a telehealth consultation with one of our doctors. The doctor will ask some questions to ensure that:

  • your COPD is stable and well-controlled.
  • there are no other significant health issues present.
  • you are not getting any significant side effects from your current treatment.

In most cases, we can send a prescription immediately to your pharmacy. Or you can request for a paper prescription to be posted to you.


To book an appointment with an AHPRA registered, Australian doctor, to request your inhaler start HERE. Same day appointments are usually available. A telehealth consultation for asthma treatment costs $31.99 (plus delivery).

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