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How much does a "change of specialist" referral letter cost with Qoctor?
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The cost of getting a "change of specialist" referral letter from Qoctor is $25.99.


For a "change of specialist" letter, you must already have in your possession a valid referral letter that is less than one year old. This is a service you may find useful if you decide to see a different specialist than the one first suggested by your GP. This situation can also arise if a specialist's waiting list turns out to be too long, and you want to try someone with a shorter wait time. You must take BOTH referral letters to your appointment- the original one, and the "change of specialist" letter provided by Qoctor.

To get this letter, you will need to answer a few online questions relating to your health. The doctor will go through this information and will complete the referral letter (subject to assessment). It will usually take 1-2 hours to receive your letter, during business hours (8am-9pm AEST). If you need it faster (for example, you are already at your specialist waiting room!), just hop on the live chat on the homepage of the website, and the customer service team may be able to get it done for you more quickly. Get started here.

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