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What is a repeat referral letter?
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A specialist referral letter:

  • makes you eligibility for certain Medicare rebates (if you have a valid Medicare card), so a specialist visit will usually cost you less out of pocket.
  • provides key information about your health to the specialist
  • gives the specialist details of your regular GP, which makes sure your important health information is stored in one place.


Getting a repeat specialist referral letters - most specialists in Australia require their patients to provide a new referral letter from a GP every 12 months, when their previous one expires. This makes the patient eligible for certain Medicare rebates. If you do not have an up-to-date referral letter when you see your specialist, the specialist appointment may cost you more.


To get a repeat specialist referral letter, go to the Qoctor specialist referrals page, and select "repeat specialist referral". Getting a repeat specialist referral letter via Qoctor costs $25.99. You will need to answer a few online questions relating to your health. The doctor will go through this information and will complete the referral letter (subject to assessment). It will usually take less than an hour or so to receive your letter, during business hours (8am-9pm AEDT). If you need it faster (for example, if you are already at your specialist waiting room), just use the live chat on the homepage of the website, and the customer service team will be able to get it done for you more quickly. To get a repeat referral letter from Qoctor, get started here.  




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