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Where can I get more information about Asthma?
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There are many reliable sources of information about asthma in Australia. If you need one to one assistance, you can also make an appointment to see your GP, practice nurse,  or speak to your local pharmacist.

  • The Royal Children's Hospital website has some great content relating to asthma in kids. Start HERE.
  • The National Asthma Council has videos teaching you how to use your specific inhaler correctly, as each brand and model has its own special technique ( a majority of people get it wrong, even people who have used a puffer for many years!). Start HERE.
  • The Australian government also provides reliable, accurate up to date advice about many health conditions, including asthma on the Health Direct website. Start HERE.
  • Asthma Australia, is a consumer organisation that provides support and education about asthma. They can offer free telephone sessions with an asthma educator- this can be really useful if you need advice about your asthma management. Start HERE.
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