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What are the symptoms of Asthma?
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The main 4 symptoms of Asthma are:


  • cough
  • wheeze (a high-pitched, whistling sound when breathing out- this is a common feature of Asthma in children)
  • chest tightness
  • difficulty breathing/ shortness of breath


Asthma is often worse at night, which can lead to poor sleep and tiredness. 


Asthma symptoms are commonly brought on by specific triggers, though these can vary from person to person.

Common triggers of Asthma symptoms include:


  • respiratory viruses (such as the common cold, influenza, COVID-19 etc )
  • cold air
  • exercise
  • pollen
  • dust
  • mould
  • animal dander
  • smoke
  • chemicals or fumes


What are the symptoms of severe Asthma?


  • Shortness of breath
  • Unable to speak in full sentences
  • Chest tightness
  • Feel breathless even when resting
  • A blue colour around the mouth/lips
  • Feeling restless, confused or difficulty concentrating
  • A feeling of strained muscles in your tummy and neck
  • Feeling that you need to stay upright to breathe more easily

Cough and wheeze are not always present in severe Asthma.


Call triple zero (000) for an ambulance if symptoms of severe asthma are present, and you are not responding to your usual inhalers.

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