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Why is my Asthma out of control?
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There can be many reasons for poor asthma control- here are some common ones:

Some possible reasons for bad asthma control

  • Not using the right medication to treat your asthma. Understanding the different types of inhalers (puffers) and when to use them is key to good asthma control- speak to your doctor or pharmacist if your are not 100% sure about when to take which inhaler.
  • Incorrect inhaler technique (using your puffer the wrong way) is very common- in fact most people with asthma do not use their inhaler(s) correctly!  This means you don’t get the full dose of medication into your lungs each time, which can lead to poor asthma control. A GP, pharmacist or practice nurse can usually help to improve your technique. There are also good educational resources available to help. The Australian National Asthma Council has “how to” videos for every type of inhaler. Check it out here.
  • Forgetting to take your “preventer” inhaler regularly.
  • Exposure to triggers such as dust, pollen, smoke, fumes etc. You can work with your doctor to try to work out your triggers and how to avoid them, where possible.
  • Relying too much on your “reliever” inhaler. If you are using your reliever puffer more than twice a week, you should speak with your doctor about your asthma control.
  • Not having (or following) an Asthma Action Plan when your asthma symptoms are worsening.

If you think you have poor asthma control your should speak to your doctor- they can look for the causes and help you improve your asthma management.

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