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How can I get help for anxiety?
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Anxiety disorders are common, affecting around 1 in 4 people through their lives. There are lots of ways to help recovery from anxiety. If you need help or advice about anxiety, you can:


  • make an appointment see your local GP. Search for a local GP or health service HERE
  • go to see a psychologist or other local mental health worker (your GP can give you advice about what's available in your area).
  • get immediate help online or on the phone by contacting Beyond Blue , Lifeline or Headspace


If you have very severe symptoms and are not sure it is anxiety, you should seek immediate medical attention from your local doctor or emergency department. 


The online doctors at Qoctor do not start new medications for treatment of anxiety, but they can provide prescriptions for ongoing treatment:

  • if you are already taking a medication for anxiety 
  • your condition is stable

This includes many common anti-anxiety medications (SSRIs and SNRIs), but not benzodiazepines. 


Find out more about the symptoms of anxiety HERE.



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