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Getting your test results
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If a Qoctor doctor has issued you with a test request form (e.g. for a pathology test or a scan/X-ray), you can present the request form at any recognised provider in Australia. The timing of when you go for your test is totally up to you. Qoctor only becomes aware that you have had the test when the result/report is received by us, from your chosen provider.

When Qoctor receives a result, the following things happen:


  1. The doctor checks the result and you’ll be sent an SMS/email – once the doctor has marked the result normal or abnorml, you’ll get a routine SMS and email letting you know. If the doctor has marked the result abnormal, we’ll also advise you to book a follow up appointment.
  2. Your test results will appear for you to view on your Qoctor profile – just go to My Orders>My test results/reports. If you cannot see your result there as expected, contact us via email at [email protected] so we can investigate and chase it up for you.
  3. Book your follow up appointment if necessary– from the “My test results/reports” page, you can book a follow up appointment with Qoctor to discuss your results with a doctor if required. For some services, such as STI testing, a free follow up consultation may be included in the original booking fee


What should I do if I have not heard from Qoctor about my test results as expected?

If 4-5 business days have passed since your test and you still have not heard from Qoctor via SMS or email, and/or the results are not appearing on your Qoctor profile page as expected, please let us know. Email us at [email protected] , or use the live chat on our website, as we may need to chase it up with your test provider. 

Sometimes the provider may have sent the result/report to the wrong place. Once we get it, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. Please also note, if you have had a few different tests, the results may arrive at different times into the Qoctor system.


Out of hours test result queries

If you contact us outside business hours (evenings, weekends), here may be delays in getting your result as many test providers/labs close at those times- this is beyond our control, but we will do our best to chase it up for you, as soon as the provider is open again!


Can I just follow up with my GP or specialist?

Sometimes people will have already planned to see their own GP and/or specialist for their test results- you may have even asked the Qoctor doctor to copy them in on your results. In many cases this will be absolutely fine! However, if you have been advised by Qoctor that a result has come back abnormal, and if there is likely to be a delay in seeing your GP/specialist (i.e. more than a week or so), then it is safer to book back in with Qoctor, so that you can be fully informed and discuss any issues, concerns or required treatment in the meantime.

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