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Which specialists can Qoctor refer me to?
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Qoctor can currently write new referral letters for you to see the following specialists:

  • A surgeon for a vasectomy
  • A dermatologist for acne
  • A gynaecologist for insertion of a contraceptive coil
  • A surgeon for a circumcision (for you or for your child)
  • A respiratory specialist or lab for sleep studies (testing for sleep apnoea)
  • An ophthalmologist for laser eye surgery
  • A plastic surgeon for a variety of cosmetic procedures


Qoctor can currently write a repeat referral to any specialist that you have seen before in Australia, where continued follow-up is necessary. 


Qoctor can currently write a change of specialist referral to any specialist in Australia - but they must work in the same specialty that you were first referred to.

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