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What is the treatment for BV (bacterial vaginosis)?
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For women with a diagnosis of BV, antibiotics will usually quickly get rid of the symptoms. Treatment for bacterial vaginosis can involve oral antibiotics (such as Metronidazole) or topical treatment (an antibiotic vaginal cream). However, in milder cases, there is a good chance that BV will gradually clear by itself, so treatment is not always required. 


If BV is picked up on a vaginal swab but a woman has no symptoms, there’s generally no need for treatment at all- it is fine to observe, and to treat if symptoms develop. However, exceptions to this include pregnancy, or recent gynaecological surgery- in these cases it’s usually recommended to have treatment, as there may be a higher risk of complications such as pelvic infection if left untreated. 

If you need a prescription for treatment of BV, get started HERE


Please note this online treatment service is only suitable if you have had BV diagnosed via a swab before, and the same symptoms have come back. If the symptoms are not the same, if you have had a recent new sexual partner, or if you also have other unexpected symptoms such as pain, fever or irregular vaginal bleeding, you should see a doctor in person for assessment.

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