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Can Qoctor provide treatment for acne?
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The online doctors at Qoctor can assess and offer treatment for mild to moderate acne. This can include topical prescription-only treatments (creams and gels) as well as some oral acne treatments (antibiotics). The oral contraceptive pill (COCP) is also an option for some women who have acne (Qoctor doctors do not prescribe Roaccutane (Isotretinoin), as this can only be issued by a dermatologist). 


You will need to answer some simple online questions, then book a video consultation, during which you'll speak to an Australian doctor. They'll make sure the medication is safe and suitable for you. If treatment is advised, you can have your prescription emailed direct to your local pharmacy (or posted to you), OR you can get medication delivered. 


This service costs $29.99 for a consultation, which also covers any prescription(s) issued. The prescription can be sent directly to your local pharmacy, or posted to you if you prefer. Alternatively, Qoctor can arrange to have acne medication delivered to you (the cost of medication will be added to the total fee in that case, and depends on the particular treatment you need)- just select the delivery option you prefer, during the booking process.


Start here to book an appointment with one of our online doctors to request acne treatment.


If your acne is severe, or you are developing acne scars, online treatment may not be appropriate for you, and an assessment with your local GP and/or a referral to a dermatologist may be advised instead.

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