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Can acne cause scars?
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Acne is common, but only one in five people with acne get scarring. Scarring is caused when the affected skin pore swells and breaks down into the surrounding tissue. The skin responds to repair the area, by forming new fibrous tissue, "collagen". Scars can form in different ways: if there is a loss of tissue in the area, this can leave an indentation, such as "ice pick scars", "rolling scars" or "boxcar scars". A raised scar can form where too much collagen is produced- these are also referred to as hypertrophic or keloid scars.


Regardless of the type of scar, there are treatments available if necessary, so if you are troubled by acne scars you can discuss your options with a GP or dermatologist.


If at any time your acne seems severe or uncontrolled, especially if you have large painful acne cysts, it’s important to speak to a doctor, as you may benefit from a referral to see a dermatologist to get stronger treatment, to prevent further lesions and scarring.


The online doctors at Qoctor can offer treatment for acne that is mild to moderate. This includes prescriptions for topical products (creams and gels) that are "prescription only", as well as oral antibiotics. Start here.


Some women also take the combined oral contraceptive pill (the COCP or "pill") to assist with acne management- this is also available through Qoctor. Start here.

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