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What is the treatment for acid reflux?
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To get rid of acid reflux, often the first step is to make some lifestyle changes. 10 lifestyle changes that may help acid reflux include:


  1. quit smoking
  2. try to lose excess weight
  3. elevate the head of your bed by a few inches
  4. avoid eating late at night/close to bed time
  5. avoid larger meals- trying smaller, more frequent meals instead
  6. avoid certain common triggers such as uncooked onion, spices, fatty greasy foods.
  7. some people report that a diet lower in carbs (carbohydrates), such as bread, pasta and sugary foods, may help their reflux symptoms
  8. avoid excess caffeinated or carbonated (fizzy) drinks
  9. reduce or eliminate alcohol intake
  10. check any medications you are taking- some drugs can cause worsening acid reflux as a side effect.


There are over-the-counter medications available from pharmacies which can help to neutralise stomach acid and/or soothe the lining of the oesophagus. Other antacid medications can be prescribed by doctors. Anyone struggling with ongoing acid reflux symptoms despite making changes to their diet and lifestyle, should see their doctor for advice.

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